Your story can be expressed in a very appealing way by using the right visuals, interactive visualization and appropriate devices like the Oculus Rift or HoloLens. We can participate at any point in your communication strategy, from the rough brainstorm sessions in the beginning until the successful exposure of the concept to your audience. We have a long background in graphic design, 3D modeling, custom (3D) application development and business support for product development/management.

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Technologies for concept support

Choose between abstract images or state-of-the-art renderings. Video with or
without annotations, logo animation for broadcast and more.


For logo, print and
high quality visuals

Video & Animation

We give you a more then
moving images

Interactive technologies for concept support

We give you the possibility to use the latest technologies to tell your story or concept.

Virtual Reality

Fully immersing experience
for your audience!

Augmented Reality

Combine the real world with
the virtual one.

4D Narrowcasting

3D interaction, scent and
syncronized multi-screen is
just the tip of the iceberg

Applications & Services

Orphiction offers a range that enables you and shows the power of visualization in to action.

Concept support

Turn your idea into something that matters


This is how we do it!

Control & Monitoring

Control your environment with our
flexible and versatile IoT technology

Virtual Simulation Suite

Assembling large and interactive 3D worlds for
VR and simulations

Company Profile

Be ready for the future...

Orphiction is capable to pull your mind, trigger your fantasy, define solid projects, deploy and implement in a professional way. Orphiction consists of a flexible and competent team of people from various disciplines. Based on a core team and a flexible network of freelancers.

We believe that we can be a productive partner for you. The team has its base in various different working fields, from hard-core technical concepts to visually appealing concepts and has a complementary set of competences. We would like to share our passion for 3D with you. Either from broadcast quality visuals/branding to industrial applications – we can help you.

Our team has proven experience in various different fields, from small demonstrators to fully fledged custom industrial solutions.

Amsterdam | The Netherlands